Monday, March 05, 2007


Adapted slightly from the Company's Coming Kids Cooking cookbook.

85 g (3 oz.) flavoured gelatin (jelly powder)
1 x 6 g (1/4 oz) package Kool-Aid (drink mix without sugar)
250 ml (1 cup) granulated sugar
500 ml (2 cups) boiling water
500 ml (2 cups) cold water or fruit juice

Combine flavoured gelatin , Kool-Aid and sugar in a large bowl*. Add boiling water, and stir until everything is dissolved.

Add cold water. Stir. Transfer popsicle liquid into a pitcher or cup with a pouring spout, and fill popsicle molds. Freeze for about 8 hours or overnight. Makes enough for about 16 popsicles.

If you fill all your molds and have liquid left, put it in a plastic yogurt container or cup (divide it between as many cups as you need for children present!) and freeze til it's slushy then serve it for dessert at lunch with a spoon.

Use any Jell-O and Kool-Aid combinations that you like.

* Use a large 8 cup Pyrex measuring cup with a spout, if you have it. This works a treat, and you don't have to transfer it to another container for pouring.

LAURALEA'S METHOD: In a 2 cup, glass measuring cup (with a spout) measure 50 ml (which is half a package) of gelatin powder, 2 ml (which is half a package) of Kool-aid, 125 ml (1/2 cup) sugar and 250 ml (1 cup) boiling water. When everything is dissolved, fill the cup to the 500 ml (2 cup) line with cold water. Fill the popsicle molds, and freeze. This makes at least 8 popsicles. If I've started the summer with a full recipe, I'll use this method when I have 8 empty popsicle molds collected to keep the popsicles going.

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