Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tarte aux Epinards, (or Spinach Quiche)

The Guest Chef for today is my daughter Johanna, who writes from Switzerland, "Ok, I have a recipe for you. It's the third or fourth time I've made it, and it's pretty darn good. Even the girls (the two girls she's an Au Pair for) will eat it, green though it is. This'll feed 5 or 6 easily. One time I forgot to buy a pie crust, so I just stuck it together in a pan and made it a gratin, and it was just as good. So yeah....a recipe for you from Switzerland, that I got from a friend who got it from a friend."

1 pie crust (I buy one that's uncooked and rolled up)
600g epinards (spinach*, better to buy it frozen with milk already in it. otherwise you have to add more milk)
200mL milk
2 eggs
50-200g cheese (my friend made it with only sprinkled on top, but I use about 100g...and I use gruyere)
1 onion
salt, pepper, nutmeg to flavour.

1. pie crust in the pan, we use a round flatter thing
2. mix up the spinach, milk and eggs. I use a whisk to make sure it's all even.
3. cut up the onion small and add that, then add the grated cheese
4. season
5. pour spinach filling into pie crust.
6. bake in the oven for about 40 minutes at 200'C

*you probably want frozen, chopped spinach, drained and patted dry. I've never heard of "spinach in milk", so you'll need to add extra. I'd start with 1/4 cup, making the milk 250 ml instead of 200.


  1. Anonymous3:15 PM

    maybe more like 300, 350 mL of milk, because last time I made it I bought the wrong kind of spinach and had to add lots of milk. It's supposed to have a smooth consistency, but not runny....almost gelatinous, I guess like pancake batter.

  2. Anonymous3:15 PM

    and not chopped spinach, it's like a puree.